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Cadwell Park


The above picture by kind permission of P Baumber.

Cadwell Park.

After arriving late in the evening to wind and rain we started early the next morning testing, pace was pretty good and the car felt strong so at lunchtime I decided to “park” the car under the awning and prep it for the next days racing rather than risk damage or destroy tyres any further as I was starting the season on old tyres from last year due to tyre budget not being in place.  Qually was ok but not great, putting me 3rd on the grid.  This is left at cadwell and upon race start the 2 cars infront were slow away, I saw a gap and kept the peddle down, however the gap was getting a little smaller and I clipped the car on the right, only a clip and kept going, after half a lap and holding 2nd the red flag waved and the race was halted, A huge accident on the start line had damaged 3 or 4 cars quite badly, after the restart one of the other drivers ran out of talent and caused another red flag, thus ending race 1 with no points for any driver. 

So on to race 2, same grid positions as race 1, slightly slower away trying to have a clean race and I slotted into 3rd, holding the very fast Cerbera of Mike Saunders behind me, this was proving quite hard with Mikes newly upgraded car(480bhp and 12″rims to our 417bhp 9″rims!!) It was only a matter of time as the back straight became more difficult to defend as my tyres were going off thru the corners giving me less speed on the exit.  Mike got thru and we ended up 4th.  To summerise, could have been worse, could have done better, roll on ROCKINGHAM….

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