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We arrived at snett, managed to get a 50 min test session booked for that afternoon prior to race day, and got out on track, the engine felt very strong, however tha car was not turning in to corners well, with a fair bit of understeer!!  During that test I managed to “cook” the brakes, a pad was binding in the left front caliper and caused it to overheat, thus boiling the fluid.  Then an air lock in the radiator caused a cooling hose to blow, depositing the coolant on the paddock floor, what else can go wrong??

Having fixed these little problems, it was day 2 and out for qually, we managed 3rd on the grid and were very happy indeed.

Race day.  After 6 laps having some fantastic racing and holding on to third, with the very fast Mark Hockin just behind me, and Howard Bryan well behind him, i suffered brake fail whilst trying to brake for Russell Esses, travelling at about 125mph and finding that your brakes have become somewhat spongey is not a feeling I recomend. (video to follow)  After “kissing” the armco and watching the remaining laps from behind the armco, we found that the steering rack had been completely bent, enter Richard Wright of TEAM WRIGHT RACING, who lent us a new rack, Clive and I fitted, used a few cable ties to hold the bonnet down, and we were looking ready for race 2.

Starting at the back of the grid because of a DNF race 1 expectations were not high, however, we had a trouble free race and managed to secure a podium with a 3rd place.  Happy Days.


Having collected “THE  NEW CAR” from Holden Racing, and been out at a very cold Brands and silverstone for a few sessions behind the wheel, I began to look forward to the season ahead with regards to car prep.  So, the car went to Moore Racing just before christmas to have the engine and gear box removed, this done, i collected an “empty” car, the box went to Drenth to be measured so the sequential could be fitted correctly, and the engine went to Grantura Engineering in Blackpool to be refreshed!!!

 This is where it started to go wrong, Drenth, based in holland are a fantastic company, however, like all succesfull motorsport companys there is a bit of a delay around Jan/feb as everyone wants work done, I am told 75%of motorsport income for engineering companys is generated in the first three months of the year!!! Things were starting to get a little tight for time, the engine was back from Grantura, bright red paint job and looking great, we were still waiting for the sequential from Drenth, who also had our H pattern box.  Eventually, the box returned from holland, the car was returned to moore and all looked good for testing prior to Cadwell.  Just when we seemed to getting somewhere moore racing wrote off the Dodge Viper they run in testing at silverstone, this meant they unable to do any other work on our car. 

 The car went to Owen Developments of Oxford, to be run in on the rolling road and the ECU mapped, this took a little longer than expected.  When finally finished “on the rollers” it was ready for setup and testing, however, moore were having issues with “the viper” and our car could not be seen……………  This resulted in missing Cadwell Park (rounds 1&2) but fingers crossed for snetterton (rounds 3& 4).  Viper issues continued with moore and I began to wonder what was going on.  To cut a long story a little short, I collected our unfinished car, and with a lot of help from some very kind people, left the next day for Snetterton with a car that was un tested and not totally ready.  The theory being, use snett as a test, take it easy………

Welcome to the new Forge Racing website!

Lots and lots of hard work is currently going on preparing the new Tuscan for the track this week and come hell or high water we will be at the Dunlop Tuscan Challenge at Snetterton this weekend.

Meanwhile we have been busy on this brand new website! Lots has changed and you can now keep tabs on Forge Racing progress throughout the season by checking out the ‘reports from the track’ and all the latest images and videos in the gallery.