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Cadwell 2009 (P Baumber photos)

Silverstone Pics from Mike

IMG_3928 IMG_3972 

Brands pics by Mick Herring

More Kerb on apex of Paddock Hill!!Full suspension compression on Paddock hill exitMaking it stickLots of Kerb!!!

Brands Hatch 08

  PODIUM Passing Car 13From Mick Herring

Brands Report

 It was off to Brands Hatch in Kent for a single header race, we arrived sat eve and had a few cold beers after checking everything on the car was ok, a good nights sleep in the camper and time to “get on it” for qually.  Having been away in China on business for most of the prev week I had got home with “long haul flu” perhaps better described as a nasty head cold.  I really had’nt realised how much this had steaded me up, the first few laps were spent warming the tyres, brakes and getting used to the new geometry setup that Topcats Racing had put in to the car, hen time to push.  I managed a couple of ok laps without any real traffic, but nothing I was happy with, a run thru the pit lane gave me the few seconds I needed to concentrate and back out, but, back out into traffic, too many other cars on different cycles, some warming up, others cooling down, so I decided I had done enough.

 Turnes out that we had only done enough for 5th with a 51.256 lap, but the top 5 were separated by only 0.716 of a sec. “Think its gonna be a good race” 

 After a 1 min silence in memory of the late Trevor Wilkinson (TVR) the green flag waved, business time, warmed tyres, brakes etc, lined up in 3rd row (5th on grid), 5sec board, lights on, lights out and off, oh sh**, with all the going on I had left the car in second,m stupid stupid stupid, I do like to make it hard for myself.  Having given a few more places away my mind was somewhat concentrated, instantly getting back to 6th before the second corner, after about 4 laps looking for a way past Howard in car 13 I managed to complete a move on the inside of druids, a quick check in the mirror after the next corner and Howard was no longer a problem, on to Hugh in car 3 who had 3rd spot and a podium.  Hugh has been racing for nearly 30 yrs and knows exactly where to put the car so as to leave no room, a very good person to follow for a few laps, but easy to get stuck there.  After perhaps 5/6 laps looking for a way round i finally got the run i needed out of Graham Hill bend, Hugh missed a gear on the exit and we very nearly had a pretty big contact, but managed to get past unhurt.  I soon managed to pass the injured car of Marc Hockin and so had secured 2nd, telling myself “settle, stay cool”  its very easy to become carried away and then make a stupid mistake and loose it all, first was held by Deano in car 20, and although we were drawing closer there was not enough time to catch him, I was gaining on him between 1 and 0.5 seconds a lap now, then out came the flag, race over, 2nd in the bag after qually 5th, a bad start and a weeks worth of snotty nose, all involved were very happy.

 A massive thanks to Clive for helping with the car whilst i was in China, without that we would never have even been at brands, and to all who came to support especially Sam and Rob from Provide Design, Tim and Anne of TJF Transport, my amazing mother, who loves the races as much as me, and ofcourse my wonderfull fiancee Karen.  Last but not least, all those who cheared us on, you know who you are, THANKYOU.

In car video should be in the gallery from Brands 08 this week, check it out.