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Anglessey Issues!!

Anglessey is a track in the far northern corner of Wales, I had never driven the circuit before but had been told it was a “Real goodun”.  We booked testing and looked forward to learning the track.  The weather was not great with strong winds and heavy showers, nevertheless we completed 4 test sessions with no real issues.

Race day 1…   Qually was not our best, the car felt a little unsettled in the corners and seemed to be struggling to put the power down on the tarmac, however, we managed second on the grid, seemed others were having the same problem. Race start was great and we led for the first half of the lap before Hockin squeezed thru, he was followed a couple of laps later by Cook and we had to settle in to third, keeping the faster AERO equipped cars honest, then break issues as the peddle squashed half way to the floor, luckily the gap between me (3rd) and 4th was pretty good and we managed to hold on to 3rd for a poduim.

Race 2 on sunday was a different story, the brakes were bled, suspension adjusted and driver full of lucozade.  Ready to go, start felt good right in the mix until 3 laps in the brake peddle went nearly to the floor, I am not allowed to type the actual reaction I had.  This was a massive problem, I had to tap the brake peddle on the exit of every corner to build enough pressure for the next bend, not a nice feeling when you are entering a corner at 100++ MPH and unsure of your brake!!  This ended in a nasty spin in the hairpin because of too much rear brake bias as the fronts had boiled, allowing the cars behind to catch up and then giving third away to a well driven car by Ben Wright.  This put us in 4th and I held on to that until the end.

To summerise, Anglessey is a great track that very hard on the car and driver, but I would go back tomorrow, hopefully without brake issues.