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Qually was OK here but highlighted the fact the car was set up a little too stiff, thru copse corner I could feel the rear of the car hopping from bump to bump, its amazing how a small rise/fall in surface affects the handling of the car at 100mph….. Nevertheless the I got 3rd on the grid, second row with a nice gap between cars 20 and 99.

Line up after green flag ready for a wet race, suspension setings altered for wet as it was now raining quite hard, not the best day to have an open top race car! Lights on, lights out and straight off into the lead, lots of spray so very happy out front with Deano in car 20 in hot pursuit, the gap between car 20 and I stayed the same for about 3 laps, then a yellow flag in Maggotts corner allowed dean to close that gap, I had lap traffic infront and it is not allowed to overtake under yellow flag, Dean had no traffic between him and me and moved right on, on the exit of the corner the green flag waves, full throttle and the car stepped sideways big time, we lost drive out of that corner and Deano doesnt need asking twice, thru he goes, conditions worsening I settled in behind Deano waiting for a mistake, about 10 mins left, no rush I told myself, after a few more laps the 99 car was getting closer, turning on to the National straight car 99 began to push a little, this time i kept the car on full throttle all the way thru the gears as before I had been shifting early, around 5thousand rpm instead of the usual 7 to keep the car honest thru the ever increasing puddles at 140mph…  Revving the car aggresivley turned out to be a VERY bad idea as coming under the bridge at full power it aquaplaned into the most hideous spin I have ever whitnessed, I went under the bridge backwards, then continued to spin round more than 5 times before pulling the car in a straight line and just kissing the gravel with the left tyres, fhew, I will not write my exact words here but rest assured it was the closest I have EVER BEEN.  Amazingly I only lost 1 place to car 99, I think the cars behind were so shocked we were not in a thousand pieces they forgot to come thru!!!  About 5 more laps and we finished in that position, second in class and third overall.  Race two will be better!!


Race 2 was now dry and back in row 2 on the grid, but for some reason I didnt manage my usual good start, the cars revs died a little and we pulled off the line a little slow, into second then third and a hard press of the throttle sent the back of the car to the left as a well starting Mark Hockin was quite close coming next to me and we collided, my left front wheel hit his right rear with an expensive sounding BANG…  Turning into copse corner full chat with 5 cars around me and 20 on the track not sure if the steering is damaged is a little unnerving, coming thru the car felt fine, then turning into Maggotts right hander I had understeer, the front of the car wanting to go straight on making me think something IS wrong, steering knocked, wheel out of alinement or perhaps a puncture????? I decided to continue thinking the wheel had a knock out of line and all was ok, just needed to watch those right hand bends, which at silverstone is most of the circuit.  Unfortunatly as I turned in to copse for the second time the car began to let go on the Left front, arghhhhh……..  PUNCTURE………   I pulled the car into the pit lane, down to our garage and John from Team Wright Racing jumped off the pitwall to help, I jumped out the car to get the spare wheel whilst john removed the VERY flat tyre, new wheel on back out 3 laps down, nothing to prove just running to score some points…..  We finished last for the first time ever, however, WE FINISHED the race, some didnt. 

Not the best weekend as far as results go, but I am sure someone was looking after me with that spin in race 1, if the big fella upstairs reads this, THANKYOU, next round of beers on me…..

Topcats and Brands Hatch

We are off to Brands Hatch this weekend for a single header race meeting, qually will be around 11am sunday morning, with race start around 3pm. The car is now prepared by the Topcatsracing Team, who have altered the car to a new setup, this will be the first race with this setup and we hope for good things. Fingers crossed, providing there is no downpour of rain I hope to run in car video which will be put on the site a.s.a.p