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Brands Double Header 7th Sept


Back at Brands Hatch in kent, one of my favorite tracks, unfortunatly there was not an opertunity for me to test at Brands before the race day, so going out in qually would be my first laps here since the last race. 

We arrived at Brands the eve before race day to set up and prepare, the forecast was not good at all for the Kent area, on our way down from Milton Keynes the sun shone, all was fine with the weather until we crossed the river at Dartford, rain….  As luck would have it Steve Glynn was racing with us supported by Tim Hood. This meant that they had the big truck and a massive awning with enough room for 4 cars, they only had 1, quick chat with Tim and after the offer of a pint in the bar my place under his awning was sorted, this helps a great deal as the EZ up shelter I have is only big enough for the car and makes doing anyhting on the car a real pain if its wet, not to mention windy. 

Qually was wet on the sunday morning, and all expected the rain to last all day, I managed to set a row of 55 sec laps and then my best of 54 to secure P2 on the ront row, next to car 99, this was a very good time in the wet and only 3 secs slower than my best in the dry, perhaps we have found our rythm with the car.

Race 1..  DRY!!  Still plenty of clouds but the tarmac was mainly dry with the odd damp patch.  Slicks tyres are the go, 2 green flag laps were allowed to give us a chance of warming the tyres, car 99 managed to throw it off into the barrier at the first corner, paddock hill, he managed to rejoin but had to start from the back of the grid!  Cold day, cold tyres and a little too agressive, he will not do that again in a hurry.  This left the slot next to me open, “GREAT” that takes a lot of pressure off, not having to fight for the inside with that car, just the other 20 or so cars behind me now??  Lights out, great start and off into the lead, how happy, the car felt amazing, I felt really strong, totally commited to every corner and for sure completely in control of the car, we led for a round 7 laps with the length of the back straight between me and car 20 (deano) until a slip of the hand on a change thru the gearbox cause me to “tap” the dashboard very slightly, I did not give the dash a second glance untill turning into the left hander at surtees the car began to loose power completly, I had only gone and flicked the fuel pump off, IDIOT, with that Deano was past and fuel pressure built up again, back at it, but now in second place, after chasing Deano who is very local to brands and very good here also, the flag was waved and second was ours, not as good as it should have been. But with a personal best lap time of 49 seconds things were not all bad, on to race 2.

Race 2.. Again in second on the grid, with the finishing positions of race 1 giving the grid for race 2.  A great start and off out infront, I really fancied my chances here, Deano right on my tail with a car that seemed to be faster on the straights, however we were a little quicker thru the corners, all I needed to do was stop him getting next to me, easier said than done, on lap 5 Deano managed to put his car next to ours and block our turn in to the corner, giving him the lead, the race from here was pretty simple, thru the corners I could reduce the gap and even had a couple of “looks” but on the straights Deano’s car had the power to keep us at bay.  This resulted in another 2nd place…